Surge in Online Terrorism Studies Creating National Security Job Opportunities

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Market interest, coupled with an increase of government funding, has sparked the creation of new terrorism courses and curriculum at not only traditional U.S. 'brick and mortar' universities, but at institutions offering online terrorism studies courses. These institutions include training centers and for-profit universities whose online terrorism studies programs culminate in certificates, and bachelor, master, and even doctorate degrees. Degree programs are in many cases nationally accredited by institutions such as the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), and in some cases, regionally accredited. Furthermore, the growth of online terrorism studies has led to creation of additional opportunities for individuals within, and seeking entry into the national security community, offering the flexibility to persons who are either deployed, working full-time, or who do not have access to a traditional 'brick and mortar' university. Individuals with degrees in terrorism studies from accredited online or traditional schools stand out among their peers from those who do not have the same or similar educational background.